The AGM was held on the 4th of October 2009 at Tower Farm Featherstone, with eighteen people attending some having travelled long distances.


A vote was taken on the proposal, to either carry on the Guy Society or to wind it up. The unanimous vote was for the Society to carry on.


The Committee elected for 12 months is as follows;


Mike Hitchins, Chairman


Tony Leeding, Vice Chairman


David Townsend, Treasurer


Dave Gregory Membership, Secretary


Mike Evans


Bob Pipe, Merchandising


The following was also agreed,


The membership fee would be £10 per annum due on the 1st of January 2010 and annually thereafter.


A letter or email will be sent to all members and potential members asking them to confirm if they wish to remain in the Society. Also for them to confirm their contact details and to provide where possible an email address as it is easier and more cost effective to use email.  


All members are to be asked to provide information, details and photographs of any vehicle they own or are aware of.  


A press release confirming that the Society is still alive and seeking old and new members will be released to Classic and Vintage Commercials, Heritage Commercial and the AEC Society


Phil Rogers volunteered to act as Registrar compiling a list of all known Guy vehicles.


The Society web site, guymotors.co.uk will be the main communication medium.


Would everyone one with an email address please send an acknowledgement of reading this to guymotors@btconnect.com, this will allow the creation of an email membership list.