The Guy Owners Club was formed in April 1985, dedicated to preserving the

memories, history and products of Guy Motors Ltd. In November 2006 it was

decided to change the name to the Guy Motors Society. The name change was

made as it was felt that it would widen the appeal to potential members who did not

own a Guy vehicle but had some link or interest in Guy Motors.


Please have a look at the NEWS, GALLERY and ARCHIVE pages.


On the NEWS page is the report of the recent AGM.

On the GALLERY page is news and pictures of a recent  important discovery in Wales.

On the ARCHIVE page is a scanned copy of the first Guy Owners Club Newsletter from the original collection of Bill Rivett.

If you are interested at looking at pictures, I recommend that you go to


www.yahoo.com then log on to Flickr. Then search for Guy Motors


Wolverhampton up will come over 750 guy pictures.